Wednesday, September 28, 2016

So we finished a WWII air campaign game using Stumovik Commander. I ran the Germans and Kerry ran the French in a early war game. I managed to pull out a win. The French planes were crazy maneuverable but lacked the fire power. Eventually in a game Id get a shot and more often than not I got a kill.

SO now on the the next crazy project. A Russo/ Japanese war campaign. I made a map using the Berthier wargame map utility.

The map was made with the rules were made with the rules Quick Fire in mind. Those rules are here,

The Berthier maper is here,

I figured the squares to be 30,826 yards across. Assuming a man 100 feet up a mast can see out 30,000 yards but funnel smoke at that time could be spotted out at 50,000 yards I tended to go close the the visible spotting. Each Berthier turn would be 8.5 hours (Ill use 8). the 27 unit limit and the 8 type of units limits made me make units based on task force speeds based on Quick Fire, 100mm, 80mm, 60mm, 40mm, 20mm, mines, and Flying bases. You can use the sub unit function to list the ships. I have been playing with it, tried the loading of mines and flying bases. Got them loaded but cant unload them. Working on it.Well Ill post new files as I make progress.

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