Monday, January 26, 2015

Just finished some British Micro-armor for a North Africa scenario. A-10's M-3's and Matilda tanks.

I tried to paint on the vehicle ID markings used during operation Crusader. More to come I hope. Were gonna try the GHQ rules Squad Battle. These are available free at the Wargame Vault. I should get some pictures of tonight's game on tomorrow.
Be well, and Game On!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Monday night game at Game On in Prescott

Game On in Prescott, Monday night Drums and Shakos large battles.
Prussians on the Left, French on the right. Brice on the right rolled up the Prussian left. I forgot the plan and started a attack on the French left. The Prussian right got rolling and pulled out a win with three French units broken to the 8 broken Prussian units.

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some posts from our San Diego games, on my San Diego Wargammer site.

Latest completed figs

After watching that PBS documentary "The War that Made America", see the link above. Im now on a FIW painting jag. Finished these RAFM British line. Old school true 25's. Kinda bummed that the drummer doesn't have a miter cap. But they look good enough for my table. Flags printed out from  Warflag . I hope to have more for your viewing pleasure soon.