Sunday, January 10, 2016

Here are a few photographs from the Mein Panzer game at Imperial Outpost Games the past Monday. Was a Kursk kinda game with Pz IV's and a couple of Tigers vs scada of T34's and SU152! Have a look.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

A few shots of last Mondays game. We played a naval game using the Ganesh rules Gallys and Gallions with my Valiant miniatures English and Spanish ships.

There were six ships on each side. 431 and 432 points each. The Spanish came in as one group. The English came in opposite corners three ships each. The Spanish got the first kills in but later lost two ships in combat and two ships sailed off the table due to bad activation rolls and so called the game. A good time was had by all and looks like we will be revisiting the game. Probably trying one of the scenarios.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New year to all! Taking some time on my first day of 2016 to post some pictures of our game last Monday. We played the training scenario of the board game Churchill. A unique game where three players take the role of either Stalin, Roosevelt, or Churchill. The full game starts in 43 with the first conference of the "Big Three". Each turn is a conference, and there are ten conferences. By the end of the ten conferences the players need to have defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. During each conference players advance agendas to better there position politically as well as militarily. The really interesting thing is you can't do too well. You want to win but not by too much. It is a alliance after all!

On one side you can see the conference track with three spokes.
This is where players advance issues.
The other half has the maps where you track players advance on various fronts.
We all enjoyed the training scenario of the last three conferences and plan to take on the whole ten conferences game.